Post-War Mid-Century and Minimal Traditional Housing

Historic doesn’t always mean the most ornate. As Nashville grows, buildings that are not easily identified as historic, but are significant to our history, have become prime opportunities for redevelopment in the trend of two-for-one, four-for-one, or more. Post-World War II suburban neighborhoods, especially mid-century ranch and minimal traditional housing types, are at great risk of being lost as developers find potential for greater density. Some of these neighborhoods even have the potential to become designated historic districts, but “tall and skinnies” and middle-of-nowhere-USA design threatens the historic context of these unique streetscapes.

In addition to entire categories of housing styles being lost, the demolition and redevelopment of these properties reduce the amount of affordable housing in a city struggling to meet affordable housing demands. This trend of demolition and increased density development can be seen in neighborhoods across the county, including Hillwood, Donelson, Inglewood, Green Hills, and more.

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