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Pam Lewis

Pamela Lewis, a native of upstate New York, is a graduate of Wells College with a B.A. in Economics/Marketing and a minor in French and Communications. Lewis spent a year in Paris studying at Center of Overseas Undergraduate Program (COUP) affiliated with The Sorbonne University....

Mike Wolfe

We have come to know him as a picker… a finder and rescuer of objects. But Mike Wolfe is saving much more than objects. His passion is fueled by a soul-deep appreciation of America’s history, values, and stories. Those are the treasures he seeks… in...

Seamus Kelly

Seamus Kelly earned a bachelor’s degree from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland during the Celtic Tiger, a period of unprecedented growth. After several years in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he moved to Nashville in 2010 to attend law school, finding himself once again in the thick of...

Sharon Corbitt-House

Sharon Corbitt-House is a 32 year Music Row veteran. She moved to Nashville to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter but found herself drawn to the business side of the industry. She has focused for the past 18 years on managing record studios, including Ocean...

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