Jonny Wagenman

Jonny Wagenman moved to Nashville in 2012 to work at historic Quad Studios on Music Row.
He is a partner in several real estate related businesses based in Nashville, TN. One
partnership, Mission Development, has been involved in numerous projects that required
approval by the Metro Historic Zoning Commission, which led to his membership in Historic
Nashville, Inc.

Having hands-on experience in historically informed renovations & new construction, Jonny
enjoys researching historic construction methodology and techniques. Recent projects have
included renovations of a c. 1910 Folk Victorian home in Eastwood Neighbors, a pre-war
Cottage in Inglewood, and infill new construction in Lockeland Springs. He once found a silk bag
filled with diamond rings and gold jewelry between the lath during a partial demolition. Jonny
and his wife, Grace, live in East Nashville with their daughter and dog in a c.1926 Bungalow
they’ve been lovingly restoring since 2019.

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